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CLiC News is the exciting venture from the Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin) Access and Civic Engagement (ACE) Office, that brings you all the latest news stories written and produced especially for primary school pupils.

Our free news website, CLiC News, was set up in conjunction with the TU Dublin School of Media and  Students Learning with Communities (SLWC) to provide a resource for DEIS schools in Dublin. We have subsequently made the site available to all primary schools but provide added support to local DEIS schools. We have set up a restricted site as we want to produce a safe environment for children which allows them to leave comments without feeling intimidated and ensures that they will only come in contact with their peers or teachers. Within the site, news items are written by Journalist students from the TU Dublin at a level which reflects the age range of the children (4th, 5th and 6th class) and is presented in a way which precludes using graphical images and language which are unsuitable for young children. As an encouragement and aid to improving Reading and Writing skills the children are encouraged to comment on stories which have been published. All the children's comments are pre-moderated and awarded stars based on their grammar and content. We also provide facilities for registered teachers to download the children s comments from their school so that the content can be assessed offline. Within CLiC News, as a parallel to published news items, we run various Polls and Competitions all designed to help improve the level and standards of literacy among the children. For more information on CLiC News and how you may apply to register your class please contact us HERE
CLiC News is run in conjunction with the Journalism Department of the TU Dublin School of Media.   This is part of an initiative organised through the Access and Civic Engagement  'Students Learning With Communities' (SLWC) programme.

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