CLiC News is a literacy and ICT resource for primary school teachers. It has been developed over the last 9 years by the Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin) Access and Civic Engagement office in collaboration with the TU Dublin School of Media. It provides a safe online environment where children can improve their literacy skills and media awareness by reading current, age-appropriate news stories, comment on them, express their opinions and arguments effectively and get feedback.

The news stories for the site are produced specially for the children by TU Dublin 2nd Year BA Journalism Students who get course credit for their work.

Children can only register on the site through a class or youth group. The teacher or leader is provided with a registration code which each child needs to complete the form. The children are not allowed to use their personal email addresses to register, instead one single email address is used by all the children in the class to complete the process. The children use pseudonyms rather than their real names.

At no stage does anyone who works on the site – TU Dublin staff, students or developers know the real identity of the children using the site nor is there any way for them to privately communicate with them.

As well as reading the stories on the site the children are encouraged to practice their writing by leaving comments. These are all pre-moderated and are not published until they have been checked. 

Should there be an issue with a child’s comment, it will not be published and the site administrator, who is member of the TU Dublin ACE staff, will contact the class teacher or youth group leader. 

All comments are awarded stars based on spelling, grammar and content. Stars are also awarded for quizzes and competitions.

5 times during the year the Star Swap Shop is opened on the site and the children can trade in their stars for small rewards such as pens, vouchers and books. These are sent to the class teacher or youth group leader for distribution. 

We hope your child enjoys using CLiC News and you get the opportunity to discuss some of stories with them during the year.

“CLiC News has been a really positive experience for the class, I can see that their writing and ability to express a well constructed opinion has improved immensely. Thank you to you and your students for the valuable resource you provide.” Aisling Murray – Teacher Kinvara NS

“CLiC News is a great way of giving education to children and making it all fun and bright unlike the grown ups news” pupil iw01 

clicnews at tudublin . ie