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by on May 19, 2016
  • mufanme123 mufanme123 says:
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    I'm fascinated because of how the life straw is used because it can literally save millions of lives by making dirty water fresh. I have seen videos of the life straw on youtube but I have never realized it was actually a real product you can buy I always thought they were just fake videos. This article was really interesting.


  • Alexandra123 Alexandra123 says:
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    I personally think that is really good that some people care about animals and that they deserve some treat some times. It's very good that know you can find treats for dogs/animals that they are good for them .I hope the Ice cream for dogs will spreed everywhere in the world . I personally have a dog and some times when I eat something that is sweet my dog comes and start crying because I am not giving her sweets . I know how it feels for dogs to see someone eating something and to know that you will never get to try it because you are not allowed .


  • AU AU says:
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    This is actually pretty good. I did do boxing for a year but then stopped. It makes you learn how to defend yourself which is a very important thing. I think everyone should go for at least a year or more just to be prepared if someone stars fighting with you. You would obviously like to know how to defend yourself. This piece is really interesting.


  • JQ JQ says:
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    I love doing summer camps. They are a great way of spending those long summer months.
    This year I am doing quite a few camps. I am doing Let's Go. This year will be my fourth year doing it and I really look forward to the amazing activities the instructors have planned for us.
    I am also doing Cúl Camp. I find this camp very fun and active. It's great.
    I have never done it before, so this year I am going to try a computer camp. I am very interested in computers and technology, so I think that this camp will be fantastic.
    Another one I haven't done is a water sports and activities camp. There are sports such as kayaking, wakeboarding, abseiling, a zip line and more.
    I can't wait for these amazing camps and to enjoy the summer!


  • POS POS says:
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    This was very interesting becasue I've never heard about people moving to Ireland before. Well I know a few people who moved but I haven't heard their story. It must be crazy moving to a new country with different cultures and people. I hope that Priscila learns more about our culture but also for us to learn about foreingners. You never know what you could learn from people from the other side of the world or the next town away. Recently I learned about an outlaw in Australia from a show on You Tube called Extra Credits. It's amazing.


  • MarMarChan MarMarChan says:
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    Many of my friends and classmates know. I love tea more than any other liquid, tea is my soul mate, I can't see life without it! If tea ever got out of production I'd cry for days! The choices are endless but my personal favourites are mint and Melissa tea! It's so good in so many ways! For some it may sound 'unusual' but most of my school days I bring tea to school, because of my love for it! I love tea. 💗


  • Marespears Marespears says:
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    I think it is terrible. I heard something about puppy farms and how terrible they were. One person kept dogs in things that looked like washing baskets. It was truly a horrible sight.


  • Hannah04 Hannah04 says:
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    This article just shows how caring people can be. Putting out a fire and saving a dogs life is a big job and Klein did a spectacular job. It was really great that they were able to put out the big fire together as a team as well. I'm sure Nalu's owner can't thank Klein enough for rescuing Nalu. Klein just wouldn't give up. He wanted to help the poor animal survive and he achieved it. If dogs could talk I'm sure Nalu would be saying thank you.


  • bluebell24 bluebell24 says:
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    That was an amazing story, that poor girl it must have been really hard for her. I was thinking about it and if I had a tumor in my brain and decided to give up medication, I would be terrified at the thought of [to be honest certain death]. In a way death kind of scares me and I think Sabine was very brave.


  • maggy2017 maggy2017 says:
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    I think that the dog in the car is very cute.I think giving dogs ice cream is a good idea. I really love ice cream too. Dogs should like it as well. I love dogs because they are lots of fun to play with and they keep you company I really like my dog he is the best dog ever.


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