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by on May 19, 2016
  • Caitriona 2005 says:
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    I love celebrating New Years with my family. But we would never have any crazy traditions like those there. Some of those are really crazy traditions like the South American tradition. My family do not really have any big traditions like those. I think it would be cool though to have traditions like that. I also love making new year resolutions. Thanks click news for a great article. Keep sharing these fantastic articles with us


  • Pizzaeater Pizzaeater says:
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    2018!!!!!!!! Whoo! I stayed at my Grandad's house for a sleep over with my cousins. We all had a match of laser-X against my aunt Edel, I was the only one who could beat her, then I played against Grandad! He won because he threw a sock at me.
    When we finished we had Edel's home made soup. My brother spent ages eating his, and he ended up saving it till the count down! Then we stayed up till half one playing cards.
    It was so fun and we told our parents we went to bed at 11:30!

    Pizza eater out!!!!!!!! (I ❤️🍕)


  • matman matman says:
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    I love dinosaurs especially Velociraptors and Iguanodons but this new species
    might be my new favourite.
    There is a game called ARK there is a dinosaur similar to this it is called a Baryonyx.


  • RainbowNarwal RainbowNarwal says:
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    I have always wanted a dog and often ask my parents if I can get one for my birthday or for Christmas but they say that Christmas is not a good time to get a pet and now I know they're right as my family do a lot of traveling during the holidays and we couldn't just leave it at home but we also can't bring it with us. Aswell, if you got a brother or sister for Christmas you can't decide a few months later that they are too annoying and abandon them so you shouldn't be able to do that with a dog.


  • ruthgsic123 ruthgsic123 says:
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    Wow!! I love tomatoes. I do not know how people dont like them. Fried ones are the best. I agree with Ella07 she is right that it is a huge waste of perfect food. It is kind of a stupid and silly idea. You get all dirty and everything. It will be torture trying to get it out of your hair. As Ella07 again they should donate to poor countries instead of a huge waste that at the end your thinking wait what was the point in that?


  • HowlerMoon says:
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    I knew dogs were smarter than cat that's why they are called man's best friend right?The only thing is a dog may be smart but a cat has a better chance of surviving in the wilderness.


  • Dwarfepigs Dwarfepigs says:
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    This article informed me of how feedback from customers can change a restaurant's rankings on Tripadvisor. The previous title holder of best restaurant on tripadvisor sounded to me to be quite elegant and upper-class, but then the family business, The Black Swan, outranked it in the polls because of great customer reviews. I think that it goes to show that the personality and friendliness of the restaurant owners can alter customer's opinions of restaurants. I would like to visit the Black Swan restaurant in the future - it sounds great!


  • Wispa101 Wispa101 says:
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    That food fight is any child's dream, but for any passers by is would be an absolute nightmare, imagine going to work in a suit and tie and then being splattered with a load of tomatoes! I also think it is a bit of a waste throwing 140 tons of tomatoes for fun but overall I would love to join in in the food fight.


  • BottleFlipKing says:
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    Personally I love reading books and find them very interesting. Reading is a fantastic past time for kids and adults alike. I have been reading from a very young age and have always loved books. It's very good for getting kids off technology and finding new experiences. Some books are so immersive you get genuinely concerned for the characters wellbeing!!


  • BottleFlipKing says:
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    First of, I think it's great that Ireland is putting something into space in the first place. It's a moment that in twenty years or more that we will look back on fondly and say that it was the first steps that paved the way for more Irish space projects for the future. This article was very informative regarding the small satellite. I believe that it is a step in the right direction for Ireland as a whole.


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