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by on May 19, 2016
  • Rosalina Rosalina says:
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    Hi I'm in 6th class ( last time I said 5th by accident)
    If I could travel through time I would love to go to Japan!
    Japan is a place I want to go so badly. Their culture is amazing!
    The clothes they wear and how their every day lives goes!!!
    Technology there is quite advanced there so I wonder what it was like before all of that happened.
    I want to see how the sake (pronounced as sack-eh) was made before, although I watched a movie where they spat at a cup and left there saliva for 2 years or something. It's quite weird.
    But I just love Japan so so much and I would do anything to go there!!!!
    I love how they celebrate different occasion and seeing what they do!
    It's really pretty when the hanabi and lit in the sky (hanabi=fireworks)
    The kimonos they wear is really pretty and are all different colours!!


  • Dwarfepigs Dwarfepigs says:
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    I think that it is great that some people have found a love for swimming in the sea all year round, but I really think that they should stop at around December until April. My reason for this thought is that some people get so addicted, that they even go in stormy weather. For example, this year we have had quite a rough time with storms in winter. During this period, some foolish people got into the sea for a swim, and later had to be saved. I think that these people need to think before they swim in bad weather, because not only are they putting their own lives at risk, they are risking the lives of the emergency services. This is not acceptable.


  • Luna Star says:
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    WOW!! That is crazy! I have never heard of a diamond from an Ancient Planet, but that's probably because scientists have only found out!!! I wonder what they are going to name the new, or I guess you could say, old planet? I would love to go to space! I think I would have named the new planet after an ancient god or goddess like all the others but something to do with gems if it was still in the universe!!!! I am still blown away by this article! Thank you Aidan!!


  • BlazeAMazeXD BlazeAMazeXD says:
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    I like this idea too. It is so good that people with autism are being treated well and the same as other people. What Lidl are doing is really helpful and kind for every family who have someone with autism in their family. In the school I go to there is a class for kids who have autism and they are learning really well. Thank you for this article! Hope you make more!


  • gsic321 says:
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    Cool! I would love if it was hot enough in Ireland to spray each other with water! I would love to be there to see what it is like! It is getting milder in Ireland now though. It will not be long be long before we get the water guns out too! Thank you Click News!!


  • margaret margaret says:
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    This is a great idea . There is a lot of food that goes to waste around the world which isn't good . There are a lot of homeless people all over the world and food should not go to waste . Homeless people don't have anything so it should go to them . I would say World Disco Day would be good fun with all the entertainment . Omg I can't believe that all the wasted food could feed 870 million that is a huge amount of people . This is a great idea that all the homeless people will get fed and nothing will go to waste . Thanks Clic News and Jonathan Kelly for this great article and I hope that they have enough food for everyone and they get fed .


  • Minnie Minnie says:
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    This was very interesting to me. My brother has Autism and sometimes it's hard for him. I'm really happy that there' a day for this and i think Lidl are great stores for doing that. I do have one question.. why did it say that on that day they allowed assistance dogs.. I personally think they should be welcome every day of the year. Anyway, great article!


  • Minnie Minnie says:
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    I'm quite late and I haven't been on in ages... but I'll still leave a comment on this lol!
    My all time favourite books are Harry Potter! I have every single book, plus more extras and even illustrated versions of some of them! I was at Harry Potter World and it was THE best place ever! I also really enjoyed the book Wonder, because it's about being different and it was really sad and happy at the same time!


  • matthewd says:
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    What Conor did was reckless and stupid. Why would you do that all you are asking for is trouble and I actually think he should be jailed. He is a person that some boys look up to and they might now think that will be okay to do this. He is a well known person in Ireland but now people think that he just a person who likes to hurt people. And 50,000 euro is nothing for Conor because he is rich. I like him as a fighter but I don't like his atitude.


  • danny4 says:
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    I watch the X Factor every year and I thought Conor and Sean were the best young singers I had ever seen.
    Well done to Conor and Sean for reaching the Semi Final.
    I think the X Factor is the best singing and acting show I have ever seen.
    The X Factor in 2018 was the best year yet but sher every year is the best.
    I love the X Factor.


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