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by on May 19, 2016
  • markoc123 says:
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    That was a great article and it makes me very happy to see some of the smaller counties such as Roscommon get players nominated. I think that Andy Moran should win the player of the year award because he was consistent throughout the year. I am looking forward to watching the All stars as I do every year. Hear are some players I think should win an all star,Andy Moran, Lee Keegan, Colm Boyle, Jack McCaffrey, Tom Parsons,Enda Smith(Roscommon), Dean Rock! Kieran Donaghy, Cillian O' Connor and Aidan O' Shea.


  • bluebell24 bluebell24 says:
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    That is so funny! When I saw the title of this article I was wondering if the title was fake. Seriously how can a parrot order something on Amazon?!? it is just so weird I never knew parrots were so intelligent. If I was the parrots owner I would be so shocked and then I would probably be laughing. I wonder if Corienne kept the gift boxes? IF I were her I would keep them on the shelf and if someone came over I would say that my parrot ordered them.


  • IanWilliams_11 IanWilliams_11 says:
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    It is amazing how much things we take for granted in this world. Without electricty nobody would be posting comments on this fantastic website. IT is also truely amazing how in the space of under thirty years, Ireland went from only 1 in 3 homes having electricy to having almost every home in the country having it. I definitly will not take electricty for granted anymore.


  • alejandro18 says:
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    I think Dublin deserve to have as many nominations as they have because they are superior to every other team. Also mayo and Tyrone had a brilliant season. I think Steven Cluxton deserves to win the player of the season, because he is such a legend. I also think Dean Rock and Andy Moran had great seasons. The best Defenders in my opinion was Jonny Cooper, midfielder James Mccarthy and forward Dean Rock.


  • LiamChelseafootballclub LiamChelseafootballclub says:
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    I thought it was a brilliant match. I thought Mayo played brilliant, but Dublin took every chance they got. But I thought Donal Vaughan didn't need to hit John Small when he was going to get sent off anyway. I thought Chris Barrett played brilliant. Lee Kegan scored an absolutely unbelievable goal. But it still wasn't enough to beat Dublin. I thought Mayo played to the limit but Dublin didn't give up they kept going until the end . I thought Dean Rock did brilliant to keep his composure when he scored his free-kick. it was an absolute thriller. Well done Dublin, hard luck Mayo.


  • jessicar04 says:
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    While I was reading this looking at the picture of the woman. I thought it was amazing how flexible she was especially since she is 98!!! This really made me think more about how exercise and stretching can have such an impact on your life. I am going to try and do yoga more often. I thought this article was very eye opening.


  • Minnie Minnie says:
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    I can't believe that 12 year old boy got banned from that shop! The manager didn't even tell him at first, then when he entered next time he just got banned?! Shame on you, whoever the manager was. Creativity is a key in life, and that's what the boy was being.


  • banjo321 banjo321 says:
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    I was watching the match and it was very intense! Before the match started I was thinking "yeah, Dublin have this in the bag!" And when I saw Con O' Callaghan score a goal in the first minute I was so happy!! But by the second half I was going out of my mind! The last few minute killed me!! I was watching the match with my three friends Sophie, Katie and Alyssa and my mom and dad. Before Cillian O'Connor missed the point that could of won Mayo the game, my friend Katie said "lets hope he does what he did last year and misses the winning point!" and he did and she did a celebratory dance! 🙂 In the extra time I was almost in tears! I was so happy when Dublin won! (Even if it was only by a point!) 🙂


  • Ninathecat Ninathecat says:
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    Well done Sister Margaret!!! Your help is truly an inspiration to show other people that anyone can help out with hurricane Irma.
    The places where Hurricane Irma hit are in ruin so its really a delight to see someone helping out. I hope that more people will decide to help like Sister Margaret.
    I hope to see the day when Florida will be free of all the damage and destruction Hurricane Irma caused.
    Many other countries and states are being affected by earthquakes,floods and hurricanes;disasters nobody can prevent. I'm extremely lucky to be living here in Ireland where natural disasters hardly ever strike.
    I would love it if one day the world could be free of these natural disasters. However, I doubt that will ever happen but there's no harm in hoping.


  • banjo321 banjo321 says:
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    I LOVE THE SPROUSE TWINS!!!!! I grew up on them because my sisters were always watching them when I was little! I thought this article was very funny and very true at the same time! :D. I wish I had a twin! I think it would be so cool having someone that looks exactly (or almost) the same as you! I have three older sisters who are very, very, very boring and moody, so I never have anyone to play with! My friends aren't always around so I cant play with anyone! I just wish I had a sibling the same age as me!


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