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by on September 9, 2011
  • CrazyIrishGirl256 CrazyIrishGirl256 says:
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    If I could time travel I would definitely go back to the year 1906, to meet my biggest inspiration - my Great Great Grandad, Jer Hayes.
    Jer was born around 1884 - 1886 in Thurles, Tipperary. He was a very talented Hurler. He always played back ( like I do ) as he was very tall. He grew up to be 6 foot 4 (193.04cm). Jer played for the best club in Tipperary, Thurles Sarsfields. He played full back for the Tipperary Senior Hurling Team in 1906 with his club team, the Thurles Blues. The captain of the team was Tom Semple. Semple Stadium in Thurles is named after him. Anyway, that year the Thurles Blues won the All Ireland Senior Hurling Final. I am very proud of that. Jer married a woman called Nora Callanan. My favourite Hurler ( apart from Jer ) is Seamus Callanan. Sometimes I wonder if we are somehow related. Jer died in 1932 due to a Hurling injury.
    Jer's story has alot more to it than that, but if I were to write it all out it would fill a whole book. Maybe I will write a book about him someday. But anyways, the reason I would travel back to meet him is because he is such an inspiration to me. He is the biggest reason that I am so passionate about GAA. I would absolutely love to meet him, although I know I can't. I hope to someday be like him and play for Tipperary and maybe be an inspiration to my own Great Great Grandchild.



  • Rosalina Rosalina says:
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    Hi I'm in 6th class ( last time I said 5th by accident)
    If I could travel through time I would love to go to Japan!
    Japan is a place I want to go so badly. Their culture is amazing!
    The clothes they wear and how their every day lives goes!!!
    Technology there is quite advanced there so I wonder what it was like before all of that happened.
    I want to see how the sake (pronounced as sack-eh) was made before, although I watched a movie where they spat at a cup and left there saliva for 2 years or something. It's quite weird.
    But I just love Japan so so much and I would do anything to go there!!!!
    I love how they celebrate different occasion and seeing what they do!
    It's really pretty when the hanabi and lit in the sky (hanabi=fireworks)
    The kimonos they wear is really pretty and are all different colours!!


  • ruthgsic123 ruthgsic123 says:
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    Awwwwwwww !!! This so cute ! I can't believe that the little cute joey was born in September 2017 and they have only spotted him/her now. I hope that it is a girl ! I wish there were kangaroos in Dublin zoo hopping around in the african Savana . It would be amazing to see a kangaroo in Ireland or a country near to Ireland. I was never in Austraila. A girl in my football teams dad is from austraila he is one of the trainers too. Her her dad her brother and her mam went to austraila for easter . GREAT ARTICLE !


  • luke50 luke50 says:
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    Poor little zepplin,after hearing that it really makes me realise how much more animals suffur than us humans,think about this.When us people get in a painful injury we can just go to the doctor or the hospital or anything like that,but for animals an injury can make a bigger difference to your life than just a bad memory.You can't catch prey,you can't run from your preedators,and it might get infected!Just think about that........


  • aaron76 aaron76 says:
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    It would be fair that the first person on mars would be a woman I don't think women get the same rights as men but maybe that will change in the future but i dont't think it will but thanks for this amazing article clic news IM LOVING THE NEW ARTICLES THAT ARE COMING OUT


  • oisin97 oisin97 says:
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    I'm a massive united fan and it was huge tragedy to all the united players that were on board for horrible accident. But unite have built a sick team and players ever since the accident.
    We've had players like Best, Rooney Ronaldo, Ibra and scholes and lots of others.
    The most successful player out of them all is say is Rooney at united club captain and united all time goal scorer and England goal scorer and English captain.
    Great article.
    RIP too the united players.


  • gsic9999 gsic9999 says:
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    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! this is such a cool and fun article to comment on, i'm so happy Megan brang out a comment like this,about the PS4 because, i really like playstations espeisially when it comes to the PS4 and im getting one soon.But my favourite game on the PS4 would be Fortnite even though i'm terrible at it, and maye also fifa 18 because it's a sick game and because it has football in it, and i love football like really love it.But also never spend to much time on a PS4 or any electronic's like that either
    THANK YOU for this cool article Megan gorman


  • BottleFlipKing says:
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    The Space Race was a competition between the Soviet Union and the USA.It was a very exciting time to see the developments from both sides. It would have also been incredibly nerve-racking as the cold war was happening aswell.

    The Soviets technically won the “Space Race” as they got a cosmonaut into space first, but America got to the moon first so it was really a draw. On the whole both countries won.

    The Cold war was a situation that arose after WW2 and sparked the space race. The cold war involved spying on the part of both countries, and a show of military and nuclear power. The threat of city destruction at any moment caused people to build bomb shelters to protect themselfs in case of nuclear strikes.

    The first man in space was a cosmonaut by the name of Yuri Gagarin who spent almost 2 hours in space. He did so on April 12th 1961 on the Vostok spacecraft. He was named hero of the Soviet Union the highest honour available to a Soviet man. The first woman in space was Valentina Tereshkova who made it up there on the 16th of June 1963. This was another great step to winning the space race.

    Then on the 24 of July 1969 Neil Armstrong landed on the moon and was the first man to walk on the moon. He was aided by Buzz Adlerian, the second man on the moon. They arrived on the Appolo 11 spacecraft.

    This competition was a great idea. I really enjoyed creating this post and I hope to see/take part in more things like this in the future. Thanks to clicnews for a truly ingenious idea.
    6th class.


  • Minnie Minnie says:
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    Scrap what I just said .-. I was looking through comments to find her name and her dog is called Tyson and I remembered that her username was something to do with Tyson. But now I just saw another person called TysonLover with the same profile picture! Maybe you can check their orders? So sorry to bother you on a Friday by the way :/ Thanks!


  • Minnie Minnie says:
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    Her username is Tyson3 and her profile picture is of dogs. I will ask my teacher to e-mail you. Also, I'm not exactly sure the name of the pens she ordered or how many stars they cost. Sorry, I might message her or check on Monday.


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