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By on September 9, 2011
  • Orla26 Orla26 says:

    Why would they do that? Gay marrigers are not wrong, some people might want to love someone different in a differnt way. Also it is just love. Most people don’t understand that, but also it is wrong to do that because you are forcing people not to love who they love. Also if they start it in Ireland it’s sort of going against the republic part, because I thought that we had a right to love who we love why would anyone want to ruin that. I have seen movies with gay people in it and well it’s like the same how a man likes a lady but in their own way. Just because it different doesn’t mean it is wrong. Some people are afraid this was going to happen and they are frigtened and others are proud to be gay, just because they are different in that way doesn’t mean they are really different from us. You could be ruining freindships of gay people and their freinds. I just want to say that I hope this stops and gay people will always frigt for their rights.

  • kittylover2004 kittylover2004 says:

    Ooooooooo. That picture of the dinner looks so delicious.Beef is very good for your strength and it is better than eating a lot of pizza, chips and burgers.Chicken. is ok but it should not be like KFC.The worst thing of beef I don’t like is McDonalds, because the meat there in the burgers are sometimes disgusting.

  • kittylover2004 kittylover2004 says:

    It would be impossible but they sometimes have a tank of oxygen and also in there rocket they would have food storage and the food they would eat are like a powder type of food. I have a question:if you have the oxygen tank how can you breath with helmet?You would be sweating.

  • kittylover2004 kittylover2004 says:

    I heard of S club 7 and they are very good to me.I think it is incredible that there reunite for BBC’s Children in Need as I also heard of that too. I forgot the teddy bear’s name but I drew a picture of him.I know it is for Children in Need but another charity I love is Comic/Sports relief.I saw one of them and a boy’s lounge I think was infected and then he passed away, but I think Children in Needing different.But they do break world records. If you are on a British landline please donate money to Children in Need.Thank you kittylover2004 ♥♡

  • kittylover2004 kittylover2004 says:

    That is disgusting.That is animal abuse as they are taking fur off animals.The only animal that’s main for clothes is a sheep’s fur as it is soft and they get there fur cut.The worst thing I don’t like is people in some places are keeping there pets in cages getting ready to eat them. ……REALLY that is so horrible.No human creature should be doing this

  • kittylover2004 kittylover2004 says:

    That is a very impressive hobby to do for exercise and energy.I never did rock climbing but I may try it out.My favourite hobbies myself are GAA, football, art, singing and riding my bike.I have much more but there are so many to say.It would be scary rock climbing in the dark, you would not find your way up and down.Good thing people do that for E&E (exercise and energy)

  • kittylover2004 kittylover2004 says:

    I feel sad for Gavin as people are doing stand up to cancer.It is a fundraiser that helps stops cancer, unfortunately it was on for the British.But Gavin will be ok now in heaven.Sadly he was only four as he had a long life to live.His family must be in shock when they knew he had cancer.I wish he could read these comments.Rest in peace Gavin :(

  • Twiggy legs Twiggy legs says:

    Avalanches are lethal to mountain towns. I hope they find everyone who was lost in the wreckage. Imagine if your were just having a lovely stroll through the mountains and suddenly you hear the ground above you begin to be bombarded with truck-fulls of heavy ice and snow! It must be terrible!
    May all who died rest in peace.

  • corakelly550 corakelly550 says:

    I love rock climbing. I think it is really fun and interesting. When I go to D.C.U summer/Easter camp I do rock climbing. The recent time I went to one of my summer camps, I reached the very top and I felt so happy. In fact I actually bought myself a bottle of coke and popcorn and me and my friend watched a movie. So rock climbing is good But when you don’t reach the very top it is very frustrating.
    Well that’s all for now!
    SO… Thank You

  • corakelly550 corakelly550 says:

    I know I said that I wouldn’t enter the competition. But, that’s when I realised that you had to do a picture on a paint program on the laptop!… So I did enter the competition. My picture is the one with the witch and the cat. Please like mine I’m begging you!
    Thank You

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