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By on September 9, 2011
  • XxrubyxX2 says:

    I love Jacky. She is really inspiring. I really love her book Best Friends and Double act. Best Friends is about two girls Alice and Gemma since they were small they were best friends but then Alice has to move away and Gemma thinks this girl is going to take over Gemma’s job But you have to read to find out. Double act is about two twins called Ruby and Garnet. They are really good actors but Garnet gets in this school but Ruby doesn’t. Ruby cut her hair too. And Garnet was going to as well. Double Act is a great book I would tell the whole world that you should read a Jacqueline Wilson book because she is an amazing author and you maybe say “Oh no She is very old”. Age doesn’t matter because she is very inspiring.


  • monkey funky says:

    Ian I can’t get onto the scoop on clic the new one. Well I can but on my pupil page it has all the competitions and the podcasts well it still says the one from the 28th of March this podcast but I want it to switch to the new one please please fix it is really annoying me that I can’t use a shortcut I ethier have to go on the comments to see if anyone commented on that page and press it or I have to search it up but I would rather it on my pupil page please get back to me.

  • ewan the lego man says:

    My dads an AI man and he has to use liquid nitrogen. It’s very dangerous though because my dad says if you stuck you’re finger in it it would come of like frost bit, because my mum said it stops the blood or something in you’re finger to stop and then you’re finger comes of, ewww. ( sorry about that ) . It would be cool if Clic news came to my school. We’ll miss school work and see science.

  • ewan the lego man says:

    I think that they should have homeless shelters. It’s sad that people are homeless. Some kids are homeless aswell which is terrible, because they might not have money to go to school. People should help the homeless.

  • monkey funky says:

    I feel so sorry for the homeless people. When I go into town there are always a lot of homeless people. But sometimes people lie about being homeless to get money it’s true!! Because my mams friend was in the shop and she wanted to get a pair of boots they were about €200 and she could not get them because of the price. So she walks out of the shop and there was an homeless woman and she was wearing those exact boots. How could she afford it? But anyway I do feel sorry and anytime I have spear change on my pocket I give it to homeless people I find on the street.

  • mysteryman says:

    This is quite weird, it’s amazing how they nearly ate the whole house. I’m not a big fan of rats but I wouldn’t think they would chew down my house, but I have two cats to get rid of them. I didn’t know that rats could last longer without water than camels, maybe because they are smaller and they live in a different enviroment where camels live in the hot deserts. I also didn’t know that they had great memories I wouldn’t like if they found a way to my house. Hopefully everybody would be ok. They might be a bit shocked after it. :D

  • ewan the lego man says:

    Oh again I’ve got it wrong I’m so sorry this is my third and final answer now. You now have to be 14. I bet it was fun at the auditions Rachael.It was very courages, I would Maybe try it but I’d probably get very nervous, like I did on my school play!. I’d probably sing rhythm of the night by Bastille. I’ve ran out of things to say because I’ve said to big long comments on this. Again good luck everyone and thanks Niamh for making us a t-shirt.
    Ewan the lego man.
    Answer : 14
    Thank you

  • ewan the lego man says:

    I don’t have any allergies but I have a bit of asma and I have hay fever. Would I need a pen for hay fever?. Usually when my dad cuts the lawn I have to stay inside afterwards for a bit because the polin would give my a rash or make me itchy. I wouldn’t like to be allergic to anything. When my younger brother was younger, we had vegetables for dinner and he said he’s allergic to vegetable.

  • ewan the lego man says:

    That’s looks cool to be a scout. It would be fun to make you’re own cabin. I might join scouts. Good luck to the brownie scout team. It would also be cool to have youre own handshake. In scouts would you do a lot of activities and go a lot of places?.

  • ewan the lego man says:

    He still did well. Only 45 seconds of the first man. But I’m sure he was probably disappointed that he didn’t come first. I sometimes run for soccer or Galic. When I was in the cross country I came in around in between the middle to the start.

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