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by on September 9, 2011
  • floppyscience floppyscience says:
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    I guess you could see both sides of the argument.
    Bus drivers are fighting for their pay, while people are going to be stranded in the city without transportation home!!!!
    It's terrible to do it on a Friday because people usually take the bus home to their families for the weekend. Imagine, losing €9 million in one year, of course the company would be scared of becoming bankrupt.
    But that's not the bus drivers fault. So I guess I've got mixed thoughts.🚎🚎🚌


  • emojilover25 emojilover25 says:
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    Don't worry, it's ok if you forgot the comment box. I think the object is the end of a towel rack, you would hang in the bathroom. I think it's a towel rack because I have one in my bathroom and I think the object in the picture looks like the one in my bathroom. Good Luck to everyone one who wins.


  • GiantCentaur633 GiantCentaur633 says:
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    Bayern Munich did too well against Arsenal because this is the second time they have scored 5-1 against them. I'm happy for Munich's win but Arsenal have to step up the game and train harder and get better so they can beat Bayern Munich the next time they play them.


  • girlygirl500 girlygirl500 says:
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    Oh that monkey is sooooo cute!πŸ΅πŸ’ I have never heard of drill monkeys before so this was a surprise. Olivia Powell was right, they do look like they are wearing lipstick! England is very lucky to get an endangered animal such as a drill monkey. I think Kofi is such a great and cute name for a male ,baby monkey. I would love to see the baby monkey but sadly I can't because I am in Ireland and it is in England. I am great full that the world of mankind has welcomed a new cousin!πŸ‘¬πŸ’πŸ‘­


  • Legendary Tiger Legendary Tiger says:
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    Wow drill monkeys look really cute and it's cool that there's a reason behind his name. I would love to go to the zoo kofi lives on so I could get a proper look at him. I really do hope drill monkeys do not go instinct and I hope kofi likes his new home.


  • Leaves Leaves says:
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    I thaught that the Wii U was good,but when I seen the Nintendo Switch I was mindblone.
    I think the main feature to the Nintendo switch is being able to bring it anywhere you want.
    The only games I know about on the Nintendo Switch is The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild and Splatoon 2.
    (By the way I'm one of those huge Nintendo fans.)


  • JimmyG JimmyG says:
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    This is what we have all been waiting for.In my opinion I think this is perfect as many people think universal is running short on actually good rides,although people are calling this "the death of Nintendo" it should be great financially.

    I think this is what the fans have been asking for for years.


  • derpy rainbow 123 derpy rainbow 123 says:
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    These animals are really cool cause they just look cool πŸ˜€. The oink also looks really cool cause it looks like a animal from the dinosaur. The chimpanzees are one of my favourite animals cause my family thinks I'm an animal cause I eat lots of bananas. lol. But these animals are very intelligent like the dolphin πŸ˜€


  • LilyPad101 LilyPad101 says:
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    I am really excited to see Beauty and the beast. I think Emma Watson will be a great Belle. My favourite character is the candle stick but I really like the Beast as well. I love reading books like Belle, my favourite book is The dream snachter and its sequel The shadow keeper. What your favourite book?


  • Pikachu_Lover Pikachu_Lover says:
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    I've have heard about all of these animals except the rats. I find it cool how they can detect land mines and I wonder how you would train a rat,I think It would be very tricky. Dolphins Are my favourite animal, as well as cheetahs and red pandas because I just find them cool looking.


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