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by on September 9, 2011
  • marshmallow9 says:
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    I love the swap shop but it is sad that it only opens at a certain time. I bought a 50 star class voucher but then I saw that there was a 100 star class voucher so I am going to get that next time.😄


  • puppylover630 says:
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    I never thought that Barbie was 57!
    And that she was created in 1959.
    I think Barbie looks so creepy because of all the doll stories you sometimes hear about.
    I don't know how some people can just sleep in their rooms with like 50 dolls staring at them.
    It is so creepy.
    There are so many Barbie movies because when you turn on the TV there is nearly always a Barbie movie on.
    It is amazing how Barbie has still stayed in fashion over the years!
    Great article to read.


  • Combine_05 says:
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    I am a Liverpool fan so I was pretty disappointed because Manchester United did beat us at all our matches this season and I was hoping we could finally come back and I thought maybe, just maybe, Jurgen Klopp will make a difference but I guess not. I watched the whole match and I got really bored because they kept on doing the same thing over and over and over and over again. They just kept getting the ball crossing it in and a member of the opposing team just cleared and it happened again and again and again.


  • Rachel10ra says:
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    I think the "Buddy Bench" is a great idea .If the "Buddy Bench" was in my school I would ask the person would they like to play with me and my friends.If I was on the bench and nobody asked me to play with them I would feel sad and left out .So I think if somebody asked me to play I would be delighted.


  • seanchez says:
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    I really hate both of these candidates because people in my school would be a better a president than Hilary Clinton as for Donald Trump my fridge would be a better president than him. I think children should look further into politics to look at the world that they are growing into I hope the Democrats win though.


  • ciarrai says:
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    I hope that Hilary Clinton wins the election as Donald Trump is a crazy man. Who knows what he will do to America? He has said that he will build a wall around America. Just because he is a millionaire it doesn't mean he is a good guy. I don't know what people see in him. Hillary Clinton is not great either but she is better than Donald!


  • Combine_05 says:
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    I already have my prediction that Hillary Clinton will win because Donald Trump is nowhere near as qualified as Clinton, because Clinton was the First Lady of America and also Secretary of State which is basically Foreign Minister and Donald Trump is just filthy rich.


  • SC SC says:
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    I wonder why you would smoke. Thankfully nobody in my family smokes. I hate the smell of cigarettes and it makes me cough. So many people smoke and what I can't figure out is why do they do this to their body's. Where I love it seams like every second person is smoking in the town. I will never smoke and instead I would much rather play sports and other things. I have asthma so I cough when I smell smoke.


  • edwa says:
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    Ibrahimovic missed a sitter at on stage where he headed it back across the goal on a plate for someone else but nobody was there. Antonio Valencia made a goal saving tackle on Roberto Firmino who I thought should have hit it earlier. Liverpool should have had a penalty because the referee missed the pull from Chris Smalling on Emre Can but Can had his back in the way so the ref didn't see that even though someone must have seen it.


  • busta1 says:
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    That's weird because that is my sisters favourite doll.
    And by the way is barbie fifty seven God.....
    I might not be a barbie lover but she doesn't look like a fifty year old.
    And in my opinion she looks like she is around thirty or something like that


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