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By on September 9, 2011
  • Michaelabc123 says:

    The thing about all the nominee’s goals is that they were all very technically hard to score because they were all on a volley meaning they were all in the air so they had to have a good anticipation of the ball’s trajectory and also had to adjust themselves to when to shoot though in my opinion the people who deserve it the most are Van Persie and Stephanie Roche Van Persie’s because he used his whole body to fly up into the sky and he also jumped up at the right time to head the ball from that distance into the goal, also it is very rare that you see someone scoring with their head from that distance. I also like Roche’s goal for how she payed close attention to the ball and volleyed it two time over her opponent to score. Jame’s goal was good it is just that in my opinion it was not as good as the other two. If I was to vote I would vote for Stephanie because she’s Irish but genuinely I think Van Persie deserves it. Though I don’t think Stephanie is going to win it first of all because she is a woman and she would be neglected when it comes to football another reason is because she is not on the admired footballers that people look up and the thing about it is that football coaches and captains would be fare but the puskas award unlike the ballon d’or anyone can vote wherelse in the ballon d’or only football players who are captains and coaches can vote, but if she got voted up to the top 3 places then it is possible she could win.

  • shock says:

    King Henry was a very good player after winning eleven All-Ireland’s . But now he is getting a bit old I think he should hang up his boots after Ballyhale are done with the club championships. Everyone including me will be sad to see him go but it is his choice. With JJ and Tommy and Brian and David and Aiden after leaving it is very sad too.

  • leahmc2014 says:

    I love every bit of it!
    Who doesn’t?
    Everyone loves Christmas, except for the Grinch!! :)
    I love decorating the tree and house!
    Then getting all the cards in school just makes Christmas!
    Then the dinner yum!!!! :)
    I love it though when the family gets together to celebrate it!
    Its a special time of year!
    Its my favourite time of year!
    Most of my friends think so too!!
    Merry Clicmas and a Happy Clic Year everybody!!! :) :)

  • chocolateyum1012 chocolateyum1012 says:

    Brilliant ideas nice way to spend a nice xmas with family celebrations to spend happyness laughing all the way. Having a nice time with friends and family getting to know one and another. Games to play presents to open food to eat crackers to crack!!!!!. Spending time with the ones you love playing outside in the snow throwing it everywhere. Love xmas so much that i want it evereyday.

  • leahmc2014 says:

    If you ask me I way prefer Instagram!
    Its easier to use Instagram!
    To upload pictures and videos!
    They are both very good but in my opinion,but I prefer Instagram!
    But it’s completely up to others which they prefer!
    Instagram is easier for new people using it, its a very good setup also!!
    They should not be arguing over it anyway, if their arguing that much they should come together and be all the one app.
    Actually that wouldn’t be such a bad idea, but maybe others wouldn’t like it.
    Just a suggestion!!! :)

  • mysteryman mysteryman says:

    This is good for Lewis Hamilton he is the best formula 1 driver. He recently won Sport personality of the year. He even won a blue peter badge in 1997 for go karting. So many kids want to be like him. ♿ :-D

  • leahmc2014 says:

    Lauren was a good singer!
    Ben really deserved to win!
    Ben and Jay were my two people I wanted to win!
    They are all really good singers nobody can deny that!
    But Ben was obviously the best because he won!
    I think Fleur and Andrea were very good too!
    To be honest they all worked day in day out but there can only be one winner!
    They all have very good vocals!
    Its a pity there was only one winner!
    I’d say it was tight with votes!
    But Ben must of got the most!
    There’s people saying now that Fleur should of won, but the public chose and they chose Ben!
    So why be giving out now it’s all finished now!

  • leahmc2014 says:

    Well done Stephanie, we are all very proud of you!
    You got to the top three in the world!
    Plus your goal was extraordinary!
    You should win!
    Van Persie headed it in!
    James Rodriguez chested it!
    The way you controlled it you would need about twenty people marking you to stop that!
    Your amazing and you can say that yourself without boasting!
    It was amazing Stephanie and it deserves to win!
    Your an inspiration!
    You’ll never beat the Irish!

  • leahmc2014 says:

    Oh my god,why on earth would they do that?
    Like fair is fair if you make a movie its yours! Why do thety cyber attack them that’s just not right!
    I mean like Sony could think up of so many things why steal from somebody else?
    Sony is a big company they earn loads and surely they could think up of something!!
    I just wonder why would you even think of stealing for someone else thats just Sad!
    They should sue Sony!
    Imagine like cyber attacking people over a movie that they didn’t even make!
    Like make your own movie!
    That’s not fair on the poor other people working day in day out making a movie and then getting it stole off them!
    That’s not fair!
    No actually that’s not right!
    Who in their right minds would do that!
    Surely they would know that they wouldn’t let that go!

  • honey2003 honey2003 says:

    Hi clic news. It’s nothings out this competition. I’d just like to thank you for the prizes yesterday . I was really happy I won and I loved the prizes exspecially the Christmas craft set. I won the October monthly winner too and it was a set for studying. I love all the prizes and they were great. Clic news is a really good website because it helps your grammar and it tells you the worlds news everyday. They buy us prizes and the website is free. I just really want to thank you for all this and I now have 76 five stars :) . I’m really happy and today is the day our Christmas holiday starts. Wish you a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year. Merry Clicmas to all the Clic news staffs !

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