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By on September 9, 2011
  • pizzalover123 pizzalover123 says:

    That’s a lot of money to pay. I wonder what’s going to happen to the hostages because the deadline expired on Friday and the government haven’t payed the €200 million ransom. Also it looks like the terrorist group haven’t done anything to the hostages so they are probably thinking about changing their minds to go ask for something else or they might do something else.

  • MaximizirLP says:

    I didn’t know that last year was the hottest year. Wasn’t there a heat wave in russia last year? I thought there were hotter days, I remember in the summer holidays in 2014 there was one day were it was so hot it was over 30 degrees.
    This is caused by global warming and its caused by human activity, some people see this as a good thing but really it isn’t

  • MaximizirLP says:

    We are heading into the “Danger Zone” because we are putting too much CO2 in the air. The ice is melting which can cause flooding and global warming. We’re not taking care of our planet if we don’t act now soon are planet is going to plunge into trouble, big trouble I think. It’s scary to think about our planet is heading into the “Danger Zone”. The ice in the Arctic and the Antarctic is reflecting the heat back up in space but if that melts global warming and flooding will start. We need to start walking, cycling and not use are cars.

  • MaximizirLP says:

    Why do people do this? i just don’t get it. Why do the ISIS want with these people? 200$ million they want for them. The ISIS people here are very bad people, they are just wrong people. Syria is like North Korea almost, (Just North Korea in my opinion). But how are they going to get them free?. I can understand that they will not give up on finding them, But they wanted 200$ million from them on deadline day, they might be dead, Its all a matter of time now.

  • chocolateyum1012 chocolateyum1012 says:

    Our environment should be treated with care and respect we should make our planet clean.Not because we have too just for our health we dont want to spoil nature in our planet.If our planet is dirty and has rubbish in it the earth will affect nature every thing that we built will break a part. I hope one day people will learn that we need our planet to be health fresh for other citizens around the world.I love our planet it makes feel that we need to care for it keep it clean dont litter do the right things pick up rubbish even if it is not your pick it up.Help other people too like your self what if you had a dirty place and if you did not clean it up and then the world will be not clean it will be like your self not begin clean I DONT WANT THAT TO HAPPEN TO THE EARTH.

  • smileystripe says:

    I think that everybody should be treated equally.There shouldn’t be any laws against loving someone and being happy.In my opinion I think everyone should vote yes.Why is everybody making a big deal about who’s allowed to love who.If you really love someone and they love you you should be able to get married no matter what.

  • smileystripe says:

    Wow.How could the boy go on for that long without anybody being suspicious.It’s kind of scary because if he was able to do that then that means anybody could have done it like it could have been a terrorist but at least it wasn’t and nobody was hurt.

  • fayel says:

    WOW!That’s a lot of mission’s.
    Im happy to have coast guard in our country and we are lucky to.
    Last year coast guard came to our local hurling pitch in a helicopter it’s sooo big if you were in it you would know they are prepared for bad weather and that evening they had a rescue in Tramore!!!Anyway im very greatful to have coast guard at our aid.

  • beckyboo1023 says:

    I don’t think we are heading into the danger zone.Maybe we are maybe we aren’t. Although it is quite scary what rubbish and pollution does to our planet. I haven’t seen much about this on the news so I am not worried quite yet.

  • minecraftloves2002 says:

    I like their songs I just don’t like them if you get what I mean. You can hum along because they’re songs are catchy but all their songs are about love and girls so I just feel really awkward when I find out what I’m humming to. I prefer Beyonce and Imagine Dragons and Bruno Mars.

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