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By on September 9, 2011
  • kittylover2004 kittylover2004 says:

    This isn’t fair for the boy because it is a normal boy hairstyle they shouldn’t have long hair.They can’t judge a book by it’s cover and his hairstyle is the cover today.School rules, you have to-do them but you should not have a rule for boy’s hair.The girl’s hair probably because they have to be tied.

  • kittylover2004 kittylover2004 says:

    That so scary because it is like someone is stalker you and showing your privacy all over the internet.I am terrified of things like this because I always think they find your address.This reminds me of taking Angela because you look through the eyeball of Angela and see a person staring at you.This is why I hate hackers, they find all your details to other people.

  • bannerboy04 says:

    New York is such a big city and it’s terrible that a snow storm hits in the run up to Christmas. The band must have been terrified when they got trapped. I hope no more people get killed in the terrible storm. 8 is a big number when taking about people so for 8 to die is nerve-racking. I hope Ireland doesn’t get hit with this storm and if it does hit we better be prepared. God bless the people who have died.
    8 could become 10 and 10 could become 20

  • alannah033 says:

    I love basketball I am on a team my team is called the waterford vikings I am on the under 13s team and the under 12s team and iam the captin of the under 12s team.I love the NBA so I am very sad to hear about poor Kobe Bryant I hope he gets better soon so he can get back on the court.

  • kateawilson says:

    That is not right. In schools , hair doesn’t make a difference. Teachers are usually right. But in this case they are not I repeat not right. Why would people do that? People say never judge a book by their cover and the teachers are judging him. I give that teacher a F- for doing that! Boom!

  • jakes jakes says:

    Cool, I’ve loved video games all my life so this is pretty cool. This is great if you wanted to send a letter to someone who likes games like Pac-Man, Mario and Sonic, the gamers back then would know of these and now that Pac-Man is in the new smash bros we could be seeing more people using these.

  • luke1 says:

    The match was great . I saw the match on television . The free kick was good Brady played briliant . I didn’t want McLean to steel Shane Longs goal it would’ve been a excellent goal by Shane Long . United States should of played Tim Howard . Brady’s free kick was my favourite part .

  • jordan1 says:

    It was a great win for the Irish.There was 1 syand out player and his name was Robbie Brady.He plays Left Midfield but was playing Left Back and scored 2 goals.Wes Hoolahan Brady(2)Mclean.The Irish bounced back from the 1-0 defeat to Scotland but a record victory over the USA and that will give the irish a good feeling for there next match against Poland in March.I think Ireland will win because of the home advantage.

  • babybabo05 says:

    I really like baking and would love to try one of these ideas! My mam made the sparkle one before. It was scrumptious. I would really like to try the zombie one. Even by baking it myself. Maybe I will make Christmas tree one for Christmas and give it to all my class. These are really cool! Please post more stuff like this!

  • babybabo05 says:

    It is a really good song, I heard! I haven’t heard it yet but I am going to purchase it on iTunes! It is a spectacular cause and I can’t believe it got more then £1 million (£1.2 million) pounds. It is really good because,” Do they know it’s Christmas?” Is a really popular song and I love listening to it every Christmas! I can’t wait to go home and listen to the song and see what I think of it!

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