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By on September 9, 2011
  • corakelly550 corakelly550 says:

    I think that on Halloween night you should dress-up,Trick-or-Treat and eat sweets! But you have to be careful around other people when you are going Trick-or-Treating. I think you’re parents should let you go to your local bonfire only if they go and if there are Guards or fire brigade watching the bonfire to see if it is all ‘safe and sound’! You should be doing two very important things. You should be having fun and being safe!
    Well that’s all for now so… Bye
    Thank You
    P.S. Happy Halloween Everybody!!!

  • kittylover2004 kittylover2004 says:

    I am always so scared of big bangs and fireworks. :( They are just so scary to me, I would keep thinking something will happen like my hair will catch on fire or it ends up on my had then it melts.I had also said that on my Halloween 2014 comment aswell, I asked to be careful of fireworks and banners.Be careful as some people will but something like stink bombs in your mailbox.It had happen to my Granny a lot.The best thing she did was put nails sticking out so there had won’t get in or the bomb.NEVER go trick or treating unless there is an adult, people or not a lot of things can happen on Halloween. HAPPY HALLOWEEN AND BE SAFE AND WATCH CAREFULLY.
    Kittylover2004. =^=*=)=(

  • honey2003 honey2003 says:

    That’s right. That’s what I was talking about on my comment in the Halloween competition one. Last time in school a police came to our class and told us how to stay safe at Halloween. He said to stay away from fireworks and bangers. They are very dangerous and injured lots of people. And he told us what number to call when there is an amergency. There will be a helicopter flying around to see what happens. Please stay away from fireworks so you won’t get hurt.

  • honey2003 honey2003 says:

    If you can’t decide which picture you like the most you can like everyone’s! Everyone’s picture is amazing. I wish all of you’s can win. And I wish everyone a fun and happy Halloween. But stay away from fireworks as some of them can be dangerous. Don’t go too far when you’re trick or treating,because there might be some drunkards around.
    Happy Halloween!

  • kittylover2004 kittylover2004 says:

    I had been photobombed twice.I went to disney land Paris this day last year and in the photo,you see a man behind us staring in the camera.It is funny when people do selfies and get photobombed. Its a little bit mean while funny the same time.Also its cute when pets are in it. Rule:Don’t be a photobomber. :D

  • Orla26 Orla26 says:

    I say good luck to everyone that is entered and I hope a lot more people will enter as well it will be a lot more competition but it also means there are a lot of people who belive in their art. I don’t but I just do it for fun and I normally get humiliated in proses but I don’t care, anyway my one has not come up get but if it does I will tell you.

  • Orla26 Orla26 says:

    I think that is terrible.
    How could the child get in?
    How could the mother not of seen her go in?
    How could anyone not of seen her and stopped it?
    Thos are questions that have not been answered and I think they should be, also anther question is. How are the mother and daughter now?
    So what I’m trying to say is that there should be more information about what happened afterwards, so also what happened to the Tapir?

  • honey2003 honey2003 says:

    Thanks kittylover2004. Your one was good too. Mine didn’t work at first but after awhile it came up. Mine is the two that says happy Halloween. I didn’t want to do two the same but I thought it didn’t work so I did another one saying happy Halloween. Well,it wasn’t exactly the same anyways . I was surprised that I got two likes just in 1 hour. Well, it wasn’t exactly one hour as I don’t know because I was outside. But thanks for the people that liked mine. I wish everyone a happy Halloween.

  • kittylover2004 kittylover2004 says:

    Thank you soooo much. I hope you get to enter aswell.Also thank you for everyone who voted for mine.I some how already got 5-6 votes on all three, but I think the main one I like is the teddy bear I did.The one I like from everyone else is all of them.Just wanna ask, the one who had done the 3 or 4 zombies (ill find the name later) did you get yours from Pixel Gun 3-D?I think it’s so cool if you copied it or did it yourself.Not just to him but to everyone.Also 3 MORE DAYS! Happy Halloween

    ♥ ♥
    ♥♥ ♥♥ ♥♥♥♥

  • Orla26 Orla26 says:

    I don’t agree with Andrew32 because she knew that the points you were talking about are not true, but I think some parts are true so she has a point for sueing but again they didn’t know about her book when they made it

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