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By on September 9, 2011
  • Murryer says:

    It is our fault that he got attacked. Polar bears are indangered animals and we are killing them beacause we are burning fossil fuels which melts the icecaps and are pushing them inland or drownding them. Also we are fishing all the fish that they eat which makes them hungry and attacked the man. Last point polar bears aren’t tame animals.

  • jakeo778 says:

    I’m not saying that Chelsea are a bad team, but they were lucky to win the Capitol One Cup. It was probably faith and pure luck. Jose’s tactics were good but could of been better. I cant argue about this but. Jose has signed some amazing players in his time but his greatest of all was probably Diego Costa. Diego is some player and forever will be. He will probably lead Chelsea to the Premier League title this season. He is a very good player and he is a top goalscorer.

  • jakeo778 says:

    I think that the pilot and the co pilot should have keys to the door of the cockpit. Even though people said that they shouldn’t be allowed open the door because of what happened in 2001, it is an idea worthy of thinking about. So if that ever happens again, it would be a good idea and probably a more safe one.

  • Mj and 1D lover says:

    Supposedly he is coming back in July. I was Instagram and a 1d update account said that he signed a contract that he will be coming back to finish the tour and do 3 more albums. I will ask the account to see if it is real. Hopefully it is because I would love to see all five when they come to Ireland!!!!

  • puppylover630 puppylover630 says:

    Then poor girl!
    But she was only 15 years of age and had a long life ahead of her!!
    I feel so sorry for her family and friends!!
    At one stage she was listening to a one direction song and next thing she’s gone.
    Her parents must of been so shocked!!
    Rest in peace, you will be missed a lot!!

  • katloves04 katloves04 says:

    He is one of the best rugby player’s in history.
    I think Paul O’Connell is the best rugby captain in the world.
    They are just an awesome team!!!
    Paul is such a good captain after leading them to victory in the Six Nation’s twice!!!!
    I would love to meet him.
    He make’s sure we play at are best all the time.
    I just love him.

  • Emma says:

    Well Done to everyone who entered the competions.Please don’t be disheartened because your story was probably amazing!!! At least you had the courage to enter.
    Congratulations to all the winners hope you guys enjoy the awards
    Congratulations and well done to everyone

  • Martina Sexton says:

    Anthony was wondering why they had to put the giraffe to sleep. Ava reckons that it’s because she might bite them or that she wouldn’t stay still. Adam noticed the ladder in the picture. Maddy thinks it’s to help with sedating the giraffe. We were amazed that the giraffe’s neck was 2 metres long. We took out our metre sticks to help us to picture the length of it! Leon reckons that the giraffe would be taller than our ceiling.

    From 2nd class, St Peter’s Primary, Bray

  • Mj and 1D lover says:

    NOOO!!! well they will do what all bands do. One will leave they will finish their tour and then go on a break for a few years and then they will do reunion. But I think he will regret it and come back to the band.

  • edwa says:

    I think all good rugby teams could have a good chance at winning the RWC if they have all their best players. Ireland were unlucky one year when New Zealand won it by a penalty. Ireland look strong and prepared coming into matches and so do New Zealand. New Zealand are what I think a competitive side as well.

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