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By on September 9, 2011
  • puppylover630 puppylover630 says:

    That was very kind!!!
    Now the homeless people can be cozy and warm!!!
    It was a pretty good idea!!!
    I mean they thought it through well!!!
    This will be handy for all around the world!!!
    I mean not just for that!!!
    Please save the homeless people!!!
    I wish people didn’t have to live on the streets!!!
    It’s not fair!!!

  • giraffe123 giraffe123 says:

    That’s interesting. I’ve always wondered how they do it. I never thought crystals would be the answer to my question. I wonder how scientists will find out how the chameleons control the crystals. Although I think the scientists will be able to find the answer to the question, I’m sure they’re going to need a lot of patience.

  • giraffe123 giraffe123 says:

    I’d just like to say thanks to the whole team behind CLiC News. I know you won’t be writing articles for a while and I’m definitely going to miss all of those exceptional news storys. I hope you know that we’re all so thankful for all of your hard work and we’re going to miss CLiC. :)

  • giraffe123 giraffe123 says:

    I think this is a great idea as the seals don’t have to go to far and the people can use the beach again. I hope that all goes well and that there will be no more arguments between the people and their dogs and the seals. As long as the seals keep to themselves and the same with the people I’m sure everything will be fine.

  • giraffe123 giraffe123 says:

    I think it’s terrible that people were going around robbing shops and causing riots. I feel sorry for all the inocent people living Baltimore as they had to suffer for something they didn’t do. I hope everything. Goes back to normal and everyonr fogives and forgets.

  • giraffe123 giraffe123 says:

    Wow an Iron Man glove! Patrick must be a very creative person if he’s able to make something like this. The fact that it actually has lasers surprises me as they’re have been loads of toy gloves that have just had sound effects. I wonder is Patrick going to sell his new invention because he could probably make a lot of money from it.

  • giraffe123 giraffe123 says:

    An elephant bird? I’ve never heard of that before! The egg looks massive, especially when you compare it to a normal egg. The egg must be quite sturdy as it hasn’t been broken over a very long period of time. Not to be rude, but who would want to buy an elephant bird egg. If I bought it I would surely break. I don’t think it should have been auctioned off and should have just gone straight to a museum.

  • puppylover630 puppylover630 says:

    Well done to everyone who entered!!!!
    And a huge well done to Frances!!!
    Your drawing was amazing!!!
    And well done to the winners in each categories!!!
    I would have loved to of seen your pictures!!!
    I am sure they were spectacular!!!
    Now I wished I could have entered this competition!!!
    Even though I wouldn’t get anywhere!!!

  • puppylover630 puppylover630 says:

    Compared to a normal egg it’s pretty big!!!
    Who would want this!!!
    And why would you want it!!!
    I wish these birds still existed!!!
    I mean they were so tall and sounded cool!!!
    I wonder who came up with the name ~the elephant bird~!!!
    And who found the egg anyways!!!
    I wonder would they attack you!!!
    Well they would if they were hatching eggs!!!
    Well every bird would attack then!!!
    Why did humans have to hunt!!!
    Unless the birds did something to them!!!
    But still I wish there was still one out there!!!
    Then if it was a girl they could hatch more!!!
    And then the world would be full of them!!!
    But then humans might be annoyed!!!
    I found this story very interesting!!!
    I would love to learn more about the elephant bird!!!

  • kittylover2004 kittylover2004 says:

    As what Honey2003 said…Yes we had seen it. It is a really cool movie but… Trying not to give spoilers but I got alittle confused after seeing Thor 2 and Iron Man 3. Is it meant to be before these movies? There is some new characters that try to defeat Ultron. There has seem to be a lot of interviews with people that are in the movie. Some shows they were interviewed in was Graham Northen, Alan Carr and Jimmy Fallon.

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