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By on September 9, 2011
  • bannerboy04 says:

    I’d love to be a millionaire but a trillionaire well that’s something else.I could buy all the costly stuff I ever wanted but give some cash away to charities all around the world.I sure do hope I become a trillionaire soon and if don’t I’ll live a happy life anyway.

  • bingo says:

    If I was the person who won I would have installed a safe and put a lock on it. When going to get the winning ticket, I would have put it in a smaller safe and brought it to the shop. If I was going to put it some where, I would put it where I would not forget it and not lose it. Never put a winning ticket in your purse.

  • niamhbuckley says:

    They are very lucky they had their name and address on the ticket. If they did’nt write their name on the ticket they would’nt have got it back. Who ever gave it back should get a reward for giving it back. If Ifound it and their was no name I would have said it at the next mass. And if there was a name and address I would have went straigh to the owners house. :) great story :)

  • manutdclare says:

    This is ridiculous !!! I think Apple are so wrong to have send out 10 million iPhones in 72 hours .I think they should just stop trying to sell iPhones .Why can`t they just stop making phones .They`re all ready rich enough .Why don`t they just be like Samsung or Nokia and make proper phones .

  • lollipop321 lollipop321 says:

    The poor couple must have been worried sick. It was very sensible to write the name and address on the ticket. Also it was very thoughtful of the people at the church to call them and tell them about the finding of their ticket. Lovely story.

  • cianmol says:

    I know it’s frustrating if your team is loosing but it wouldn’t have made a difference if it was his third try .All that you can do is hope your team will do better next time , and not do something like what he did

  • cianmol says:

    I think it’s great that coaches do this for no money and the same with GAA,but. If children want to play both they should.There shouldn’t be competition between different sports.

  • cottoncandy123 says:

    The couple must of been very disappointed with the lost ticket. Nosiru was very sensible to put it in his wife’s purse if he put it somewhere else like on a tables they might not have that £50 million right now.The man who found the lost ticket was very honest. Well done to the man who found the ticket and happy days to the couple in Canada:)

  • fluffypuff fluffypuff says:

    This is interesting, being a trillionare? You could help fight a lot of sicknesses and donate to the poor and homeless people. If I had was a trillionare I would donate it to homeless, poor and sick people out in the world who really need it.

  • kateawilson says:

    That woman was right he is NOT a child he should be over being a child I hope. That so mean. If that kid landed the wrong way you don’t know what would happened to him. Maybe he could have spinal damages if he landed the wrong way. That man really needs to control his anger there is always next year to try again. It is only a game. He had to get over that he is losing. That is what I think.

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