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By on September 9, 2011
  • 666class201417 says:

    That is a great idea and will save them a lot of money if they do it more often .
    I look forward to see it and hopefully it will be as good as I think.I think it would be a good idea for a movie to be shot with iphones.
    I could save them a lot of money.

  • 666class201417 says:

    I said no because I think animals should be treated better.
    I also think bullfighting, fox hunting and dog fighting should be banned in every country.
    Imagine if you were treated like that.
    I don’t think you would be happy!

  • puppylover360 puppylover360 says:

    I was watching the news and I seen Madonna fall,
    I felt so sorry for Madonna. But she was so
    good for getting back up and kept singing
    on! If I was her I would be to scared to.
    By the way she sang amazing!!!!

  • DavidG says:

    I watched the Chelsea match and a bit of the Bayern Munich match . I am a Chelsea fan and I think Chelsea and PSG both played very well compared to the Bayern Munich match . Between the two matches there was a lot of silly and stupid fouls . Chelsea’s goals was a slip up in the PSG defence line and the same with the PSG goal . It will be interesting to see the out come of these matches .
    Real Madrid I felt dominated their opposition . Marcelo’s goal was amazing . His goal shows you how Real Madrid can Capitalise on other teams mistakes . It was sad to see Huntlaar go off injured . His team would need him for their next few matches but he is out injured .

  • babybabo05 says:

    Selfies are cool and really good fun
    Encouraging people to take a selfie with you is cool.
    Loving selfies is great but can be dangerous if put on social media.
    Further selfies go the more dangerous they could get.
    I really enjoy taking selfies with my friends.
    Even though people think that you can only take a selfie on a phone you can’t!
    (P.S look down the side of the first letters, what does it spell?)

  • nikidance1 says:

    I think that no one should take a selfie around animals or cliffs as it sometimes can be dangerous! Although I do not know why countries and governments would take it as far as being fined or even put into jail for using a selfie stick. I find this ridiculous and that people just should be more careful when taking a selfie in certain places. As for the women that died in a car crash moments after taking a selfie and posting it on FaceBook your phone really shouldn’t be on when you are driving in a car and if you do decide to leave it on then just ignore then phone if it beebs or rings in any way!

  • EmLoves1D says:

    I heard that lice may be spreading BECAUSE of selfies. The theory goes, since people get close to each other taking a selfie, mainly the head area close to another person, and because they’re heads are close together, the lice are able to hop from one head to another giving another person head-lice. So please, do be careful whiles taking selfies.

  • KKcookielove says:

    The people who didn’t show up are meanies! That little boy was autistic and they couldn’t even be bothered to take even a half an hour to say happy birthday to the boy. I’m glad the police force and the fire brigade gave him a day to remember. Happy Birthday Glenn!

  • babybabo05 says:

    I really used to like GLEE! Although I never knew that the couple on the show was actually a couple, I really enjoyed it. I can’t believe that it’s coming to an end. This show will be sadly missed on all televisions that broad-casted on all it around the world!

  • EmLoves1D says:

    Although the name if a bit of a tounge-twister, the bird does look beautiful. I love the colour of the, I guess you could say, design of the feathers. The design reminds me of the design of that being a Thrush. I am really interested in this bird and want to know more about it :D .

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